I'm currently post-doc in the Music Perception and Cognition Lab in the McGill University at Montreal under the supervision of Stephen McAdams and Philippe Depalle. My researches focus in particular on auditory perception and modelling of timbre by using multiscale representations.

During my Ph.D. in the Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory - C.N.R.S - UPR 7051 in Marseille, I have investigated the relation between auditory perception and biological movements under the supervizion of Sølvi Ystad, Mitsuko Aramaki, and Richard Kronland-Martinet. This pluridisciplinary dissertation, spanning from sound synthesis of friction sounds to multisensory integration of audiovisual motions, evidenced that human movements are embodied through the subtle timbre variations of sounds such as those produced by the friction between the pencil and the paper when someone is drawing.