Hi! I am a Ph.D student at the Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory - C.N.R.S - UPR 7051 in Marseille. My works are supervized by Sølvi Ystad, Mitsuko Aramaki, and Richard Kronland-Martinet.

My research topic focuses on the perceptual and acoustical links between biological gestures, such as drawing or handwriting, and auditory perception.

These issues are tackled with a pluridisciplinary approach: from Evocative Control of Sound Synthesis of continuous interactions such as rubbing and scratching, or squeaking and squealing, to Auditory Perception of Biological Movements.

This muldisciplinary work involves collaborations with my colleagues Simon Conan and Charles Gondre at the LMA, on sound synthesis processes, and with researchers from cognitive sciences labs in Marseille:

  • Lionel Bringoux & Christophe Bourdin (ISM, UMR 7287): Multisensory integration of audiovisual biological movements
  • J√©remy Danna & Jean-Luc Velay (LNC, UMR 7291): Sonification of handwritting for guidance and rehabilation of dysgraphia

I am also involved in the MetaSon project: Sound Metaphors (Métaphores Sonores - ANR-10-CORD-0003).